1. Madvent Calender (Madvent Calender Segment)
  2. Opening Scene
  3. Ailen Soul Surfers (Movie Parody of Soul Surfer / TV Parody of Alien Surf Girls)
  4. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  5. Chess tournament (Animation by M. Wartella)
  6. Mario Kart Driving School (Game Parody ofMario Kart Wii) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  7. Cat tries to catch a fish (Stop-motion cartoon Segment)
  8. MAD Security Cam - Kevin's House (MAD Security Cam Segment)
  9. EyeCarly (TV Parody of iCarly) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  10. Spy v.s. Spy - Blackmail (Spy v.s. Spy Segment) (Stop-motion cartoon Segment)
  11. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  12. Pumpkin harvest (Don Martin Segment)
  13. A mysterious gift (Animation by M. Wartella)
  14. Are You Smarter Than the Average Bear? (TV Parody of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? / Spoof on Yogi Bear)
  15. Credits
  16. 5-second cartoon - The kids still can't figure out the final question (5-second cartoon Segment)