MADvert Calender

  1. Opening Scene
  2. Anchor-Iron Man: The Legend Of Tony Stark (Movie Parodies Of Anchorman And Iron Man)
  3. Animated Migrations
  4. Total Charmed Island
  5. De Odin's Beer (AD Parody Of De Beer/Movie Parody Of THOR)
  6. A MAD Look At World Of Warcraft
  7. Weekend At Barney's (Movie Parody Of Weekend At Bernies/Spoof On Barney)
  8. Spy Vs Spy
  9. Animated Migrations
  10. Alfred E. Newman For President Campaign Promises- More Yu-Gi-Oh
  11. EQ2 Vs Ben 10
  12. Breaking MAD (TV Parody Of Breaking Bad)
  13. Credits
  14. 5 Second Cartoon