This is a parody of Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends & The Incredibles.


Mr. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible









Bart Simpson

SpongeBob SquarePants

Bugs Bunny




Mr. Incredible: Great. Syndrome as kiddnapped my family & now I don't know how to stop him. I wish I had a good idea. I wish that some silly cartoon characters would come & help me.

Mac: We can!

Bloo: Ya, just look how I was born!

Mr Incredible: You guys? But how?

Wilt: I was born to fight & we will not give up.

Bloo: Ya, so let us help distroy your family! (laughs)

Mac: Uh Bloo were supposed to help.

Bloo: Oh right. Sorry, this Bart kid gives me bad ideas.

Bart Simpson: I resent that!

(Title Card: Fosters Home For Incredibles)

Eduardo: So your Mr. Incredible, nice name are you the worlds most famous super hero?

Mr. Incredible: Why yes.

(SpongeBob SquarePants runs in.)

SpongeBob: Oh no you don't! Mermaidman is famous than you!

Bloo: Uh ya, uh SpongeBob, ya know the voice of Mermaidman died?

SpongeBob: He did! Oh no!

(SpongeBob runs off crying.)

Mac: Enough messing around, we got to save this guys family!

(They arrive at Syndromes door & its is answered by Bugs Bunny.)

Bugs: Eh, whats up docs?

Bloo: What are you doing here?

Bugs: Syndrome kiddnapped me along with thease two.

Mordicai: I can't bare being here.

Rigby: Me neither.

Mr. Incredible: Not to worry I will do the job!

Mrs. Incredible: Bob! Your here!

Dash: Dad hey!

Voilet: Do something with this guy.

Syndrome: You can do nothing to stop me!

(Jack-Jack coos)

Syndrome: And whats your problem?

(Jack-Jack zaps Syndrome with a laser.)

Bloo: We did it. Yay! (speaks spanish) we did it!

Mac: But we didnt do anything!

Bloo: Who cares, we are the world!