The first episode of Season 1.


  1. Madvent Calender (Madvent Calender Segment)
  2. Opening Scene
  3. Knave (Movie Parody of Brave/Game Parody of Sonic and the Black Knight)
  4. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  5. Iron Man goes to the dry cleaners (Animation by M. Wartella)
  6. Phineas and Ferb's Inventors School (Spoof on Phineas and Ferb) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  7. Ants bring food to ant queen (Cartoon)
  8. The sun melts the ice cream shop (Don Martin Segment)
  9. The Magic Ghoul Bus (TV Parody of The Magic School Bus/Spoof on King Boo) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  10. Spy v.s. Spy - Apple bomb (Spy v.s. Spy Segment) (Stop-motion cartoon Segment)
  11. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  12. What's Wrong With This Picture?
  13. Dog walks person (Animated by M. Wartella)
  14. VeggieTale of Desperaux (TV Parody of VeggieTales/Movie Parody of The Tale of Desperaux)
  15. Credits
  16. 5-second Cartoon - The ant queen still can't get enough food (5-second Cartoon Segment)


  • Knave is called what it's called because Caliburn calls young knights "knave."
  • In Phineas and Ferb's Inventors School, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet give opinions on the school
  • First time The Magic School Bus gets spoofed
  • Selena Gomez appears in What's Wrong With This Picture?
  • Second time VeggieTales gets spoofed. The first time was in Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas/How I Met Your Mummy
  • In VeggieTale of Desperaux, QWERTY is notably absent on the countertop
  • First time The Tale of Desperaux gets spoofed