The Adventures of SharkBuzz and Lavagirl: Sharkboy and Lavagirl move to Buzz Lightyear's planet and assist Buzz Lightyear to defeat PIXAR for making the newer movies not very good.

Barneytubbies: Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, and Riff switch places with the Teletubbies, and both shows are even stupider than before.

1. MAD News: Announces that Justin Beiber died from ruining Pixar's new film Brave!

'2. 'Opening Scene

3. The Adventures of SharkBuzz and Lavagirl (Spoofed on The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and Buzz Lightyear)

4. Animated Marginals

5. Bad Idea #753: Snot Angels (Bad Idea and M. Wartella parody of Snow Angels)

6. Pattyment Patty (Ad parody of Pepperment Patty and Patty Farrell)

7. Blu can fly in the movie (Stop-Motion parody of Rio)

8. Rejected Space Rangers (Rejected... parody of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

9. Boy gives up writing in cursive (M. Wartella parody)

10. Alfred E. Neuman reports gibberish on the news (Alfred E. Neuman parody)

11. You've got Pee-mail (Mark Marek parody of You've got E-mail)

12. Spy vs. Spy: Wild West

13. Animated Marginals

14. Bad Idea #335: Goorillas (Bad Idea and M. Wartella parody of Gorillas)

15. Barneytubbies (Spoofed on Barney and Friends and Teletubbies)

16. Credits

17. 5-Second Cartoon: from You've got Pee-mail, the girl in the pee says, "Mom, there's pee all over my room!"