The second episode of Season 1


  1. Madvent Calender (Madvent Calender Segment)
  2. Opening Scene
  3. The Hunger Olympic Games (Movie Parody of The Hunger Games/Spoof on the London 2012 Olympic Games)
  4. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  5. A game of checkers (Animation by M. Wartella)
  6. Carly's Web Studio (TV Parody of iCarly) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  7. A game of soccer is called off (Cartoon)
  8. Celebrities Without Their Makeup (Celebrities Without Their Makeup Segment)
  9. Spy v.s. Spy - Supersonic jet chase (Spy v.s. Spy Segment)
  10. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  11. Spider-Man Skit Part 1 (Parody of The Amazing Spider-Man)
  12. MickeyDonald's (Spoof on Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and McDonald's) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  13. Spider-Man Skit Part 2 (Parody of The Amazing Spider-Man)
  14. The Legend of Korra: Skyward Sword (TV Parody of The Legend of Korra/Game Parody of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  15. Credits
  16. 5-second Cartoon - Peeta still shows off in the archery event (5-second Cartoon Segment)


  • First time The Hunger Games gets spoofed
  • Danica Patrick, Tom Cruise, and Adam Sandler appear in Celebrities Without Their Makeup
  • First time The Legend of Korra gets spoofed
  • Second time The Legend of Zelda is spoofed. The first time was in The Straight-A Team/Gaming's Next Top Princess
  • In Carly's Web Studio, you can hear the theme for the Star Wolf Team from the game Star Fox: Assault.