1. News: A Big protest about mondays
  2. Opening
  3. Yugibear: The Movie: The movie version of Yugibear
  4. Middle Sketch: Plants planting humans
  5. Animated Mariginals
  6. Ad for Mario Stomp Shoes
  7. Man shakes a soda, and his head shoots out water
  8. Rejected Stooges
  9. Spy Vs Spy (The White spy is driving a car. The black spy is on a tree. The black spy shoots a bullet, but White spy reflects it, and the bullet hits the black spy.)
  10. Middle Sketch: Woman tries to throw a boomerang, but the boomerang threw her.
  11. Vote Alfred E. Newman: Prohibiting meaness
  12. The Ghostbusters Meet Luigi
  13. Pikachu biting a T-Rex's Tail, and getting eaten
  14. A dog sleeping like a cat, but the cat chases him
  15. Star Wars VIII
  16. The Zorak Show: Brak, and Zorak switch places.
  17. Credits
  18. 5 Second Cartoon: Man's head still shoots out water.